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Product Description

This product is a measuring tool designed for users and diy users. It is mainly used for some high-power machines such as electric appliances and motors. For example, the three-terminal balance of three motors, etc. This product mainly includes the hardware of the lower computer. And the PC software two parts
Used to monitor multiple currents for recording and observing corresponding data.

1. This product can be set to relay switch control, you need to set the relay protection current below to avoid damage.
2. Visually observe data and record data.
3. Can save the data back to wear back.
1. Please use the product according to the rules of regular electrical use.
2. The product needs to have a certain knowledge of electrician, completely new, please refer to the electrician knowledge and then start.
3. The CH340 used in the product should not be too long in communication and there should be no interference sources in the surrounding area. Otherwise, the data transmission process may be lost, resulting in incomplete data (the display will be inaccurate but the system will automatically repair only the display may be incomplete or One less) the data is taken, and the data at 0 is not 0, which is normal.
4. The quality of the data line will determine the integrity and moderation of the data returned by the data.
5. This product is for testing only, the data is for reference only.
Causes and exclusions:
Restart the software and re-power it
Product parameters:
Working voltage: DC12V
Working current: 1A
Output analog: 5V
Measurable range: 10A
Operating temperature range: 0-70 ° C
Relay control range: 220V10A
Connection method: serial port (micro usb)
Product description:
1. This product uses 10 digits of ad acquisition
2. The 10A/10ma ​​transformer used here
3. The transformer and relay can work separately and independently
4. This product uses the driver when the CH340G is connected to the computer.
5. When the power is on, the lamp and the relay will be energized. Please use the power to measure the wiring first.

Package includes:

1 x Module

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