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WIFI module of on-board intelligent Internet of things is simple in configuration and powerful in function.
Supports the remote control of "easy micro-link" mobile phone APP through WIFI and 4G/3G/2G network.
App control with mobile phone supports a variety of control modes such as timing, delay, device sharing, intelligent scene and so on.
Real-time feedback of switching state is supported when both equipment and APP are online.
Self-locking mode and click mode are optional. The default opening time of click mode is 1S.
Support local button or 433MHZ remote control, independent of WIFI/4G/3G function, even when the device is offline, it can control normally.
On-board 1-way 5V, 10A/250V AC 10A/30V DC relay, can continuously absorb 100,000 times, with diode shunt protection, short response time.
Wide voltage supply: DC 8-80V, and input does not distinguish between positive and negative poles.
Output signal: relay switch signal
Package included:

1 x LC-EWL-1R-D80 WiFi Remote Relay Module

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